Fifty percent of your health is based on nutrition - the food, the water, and the air you ingest. But, the other fifty percent is based on the physical functioning of your internal immune system.
— Unknown (Ask Jacq)

Jacquie Tolson, owner/coach

Jacquie's understanding of the fitness industry started in the physical sense.

In her early teen's she was a competitive figure skater, by her early 20's Jacq had entered into the world of bodybuilding. Weight training, mastering the science of muscle building and fat loss dieting became her focus as a figure competitor.

After a few years of cycling through intense training seasons and restrictively cutting weight for shows, she was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease.

Jacquie's auto-immune disease took her through more than a decade of research, reading, and accreditations to understand what her own body was experiencing.

This ongoing education has taken her deep into the hormonal, immune, and metabolic systems — through the fascia and nervous systems — led her to some of the best research, and top teachers in the health and wellness field.

With years of education and Jacquie's ongoing practice of the principles she learned, it now more than ever apparent how the human body needs to work as a system — as a whole unit — and that one component holds no more importance than another.

Jacquie's passion for coaching and educating people stems from her own experiences and has ultimately created a unique place for her in the industry.

Accreditations & Accomplishments:

  • AFPA Strength Training – American Fitness Professional Association Certified Personal Trainer 

  • NPC Judge -National Physic Committee

  • Kettlebell Concepts- KCT level 1 instructor

  • The Melt Method Instructor

  • Resistance Flexibility level 1,2,3 

  • Metabolic Effects Hormone Nutritional Coach level 1 and 2

  • Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)