the results

We love hearing feedback so that we can gauge what's working and what needs to be tweaked to provide even better service to our clients. Here are just a few of the testimonials that we've collected over the years.


"I met mark & jacq in september with the goal of saying bye to my mom-bod after my twins. 4 months later, i had muscle, i had shape, i had achieved my goal and then some. asap exceeds my expectations every time i walk in the doors. i can’t wait to see what the next 4 months bring."

— jamison


"Honestly, I think ASAP is the best. I have been going for a little over a year and the improvements in my fitness and health have been amazing!"

— unknown (FROM anonymous client survey)


"ASAP Fitness is FANTASTIC. You will receive a personalized plan tailored to what you want to accomplish and you will see results. Everyone there is so nice and inviting, as well as dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. The new larger facility is also a bonus. Do NOT hesitate, go NOW and you won't be disappointed."

Laurie O


"Mark is a great guy. He has made it possible for me to remain active."

— unknown (FROM anonymous client survey)


"I searched for a place to go for personal training for some time, and I thank God I found ASAP Fitness. The staff is fabulous, and they cater to the needs of the client. In regards to catering, I am referring to a personalized exercise program, scheduling flexibility, and they care about people as individuals. I highly recommend this place if you want to become physically fit and stronger."

— A.N.


"I LOVE my coach(es). They listen and are willing to be flexible and help out when an injury needs extra attention and rehab."

— unknown (FROM anonymous client survey)


"I have been coming here for 1.5 years. Jacque has helped me become stronger and more fit. She really understand anatomy and health. She is a wealth of knowledge. More importantly, The staff is warm, friendly and welcoming."

—  Mae W


"I love everything about ASAP. The people are truly amazing. The workouts are brutal(in the best way). And the attention to detail is truly remarkable. I’ve never been part of a better gym/environment."

— unknown (FROM anonymous client survey)