the team


mark tolson

For over two decades, Mark has earned the reputation of being one of Northeast Ohio’s most sought-after fitness coaches.

He has earned this title by consistently producing extraordinary results for his clients. He credits this to his dedication to continued education and his own “in the trenches” experience.


jacquie tolson

Jacquie's understanding of the fitness industry started in the physical sense.

In her early teen's she was a competitive figure skater, by her early 20's Jacq had entered into the world of bodybuilding. Weight training, mastering the science of muscle building and fat loss dieting became her focus as a figure competitor.


steve TROLIO

Steve Trolio has been training at ASAP Fitness for the past four years. He has developed a unique coaching style that blends strength and mobility into a cohesive training session.


JOE maloney

Coming soon.



Tony first became interested in fitness while playing high school sports. His performance during both football and baseball seasons saw a marked improvement with the implementation of a strength and conditioning program.