If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.
— Bret Contreras, sports scientist

steve trolio, coach

Steve Trolio has been training at ASAP Fitness for the past four years. He has developed a unique coaching style that blends strength and mobility into a cohesive training session. Steve emphasizes the importance of building a balanced foundation of fitness. He wants you to be strong, mobile, and lean. Steve places a high priority on movement quality and joint health because it increases the effectiveness of the workout. 

Steve believes that if your joints are durable and your movements are efficient, the exercises you perform should have a more significant overall benefit. Steve has experience training a wide variety of clientele. He has worked with youth athletes, pregnant women, folks with neurological conditions, and everything in between. Steve is proficient at tailoring the workout to your level of fitness and your desired level of intensity. Whether you’re someone who likes to be pushed to the brink or someone who prefers a more laid back approach, Steve can deliver to your preference. 

Steve maintains a passionate desire to improve his training skills week in and week out. His advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology allows him to design quality training programs for unique individuals. Steve strives to provide excellent service to his clients and truly cares about their success.

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